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Interesting Artist(s) Of the Week

Each week or so, time permitting, we highlight an interesting sculptor or other artist, movement, or historical period. The week of January 11, 2014 is the inaugural week.

British New Sculpture 1877-1920
January 11, 2013: British New Sculpture 1877-1920
In the last decades of the 19th Century, British sculpture seemed hopelessly mired in a grandiose and outmoded Neoclassicism. The New Sculpture Movement movement, founded in 1896, attempted a rescue, and produced some of the most beautiful and likeable sculpture of the turn of the century era.
The Phenomenon of Audrey Flack
January 11, 2014: The Phenomenon of Audrey Flack
Audrey Flack, famous for being one of the founders of Photorealist painting in the 1970's, just might be the most original and important sculptor working today.